The people behind ProSocial Youth:


Anthony Biglan, PhD


Mark Van Ryzin, PhD


Kathleen Forrester, MS

ProSocial Youth is a project funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) to reduce youth alcohol use and its long-term impacts.  It is a social movement to care about the success and well-being of young people in our communities, and to encourage positive, helpful behaviors that promote social acceptance and friendship.  We believe that nurturing environments like this can build confidence in our young people, discourage alcohol and substance use, and give them the skills and opportunities to live their lives 100 percent to their fullest potential.

Our team has expertise in adolescent development, child and adolescent problem behavior, prevention science, anti-bullying, crime prevention, alcohol and tobacco cessation, social media, and marketing.  Click on the photos above for more information about our team.

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